A six-session Journey

into the Erotic



It was a perfect, gentle re-awakening.’ SP

I highly recommend Eva’s Back to Sex course. It has enabled me for the first time in my life to understand myself. I have been able to reclaim my sexual energy and feel empowered and excited about the future.’

'Great to know I'm not alone even though our struggles may be different. Great to be in a group. Really valuable facilitation and choice of what we looked at.'

Back to Sex- Beginnings is a six-session course offering gentle and powerful ways to help you to re-connect with your sexuality and your erotic self.

There are many reasons why people have given up on sex, sometimes for a very long time. But sex is important, our birthright and possibly our most powerful life force.

Whether you feel disheartened, hopeless, dis-connected or broken, I believe there is always a way forward. It takes courage to look at stumbling blocks to a fulfilled sexuality, but no difficulty or obstacle is insurmountable.

I invite you to embark on a journey: let’s talk, explore- and create- about sex and sexuality!

In a small group (max 8) we will work with self enquiry and group sharing using creative media such as free-writing, collage, mask-work, movement, arrow breaking as well as breathwork and simple tantric exercises.

You will find ways to uncover limiting beliefs and tackle obstacles, re-connect with your erotic life and get to know yourself (again ) as the gorgeous erotic, sexual being you are.    

Join us and get BACK TO SEX!

The course involves no nudity.

You can attend on your own, with a partner or partners

People of all genders, sexualities and all (adult ages) welcome.

This course will run again in autumn for six weeks. To register your interest for this course and for any questions please contact me:

m: 07757747027


I always work flexibly, considering needs and wishes of the group;

however, these are some of the areas we might look at together:

  1. ideas, messages and cultural myths about sex and how we have been shaped by these;

  2. taking stock and releasing what no longer serves you;

  3. shame-busting and building sexual confidence;

  4. consent, boundaries & safety: know your yes, no and maybes!

  5. explore your own sexual history;

  6. what does ‘radical self love’ mean when we look at our sexuality?

  7. explore and address your personal pain points around sex and sexuality;

  8. find your authentic sexual voice;

  9. solo sex;

  10. gender and sex;

  11. the body beautiful- sex and our relationship with our bodies;

  12. sex and relationships - monogamy/ non-monogamy/ polyamory- alternative relationship styles;

  13. sexual orientation and sexual expression;

  14. working with ‘stretching zone’ and ‘resilient edge’, supporting you to find and commit to your own pace and steps to get ‘Back to Sex’.

‘This course helped me to re-discover myself in a new way and to release unhelpful stuff I didn’t even know was there.’





This course can be booked on demand if you have a group of max 8 participants

The Way of the Firebird introduces ecstatic tools and practices,

such as erotic breathwork, and shamanic journeying to support

sexual exploration and expression.


Image by Christos Karapanos


Barbara Carrellas

WRITING FROM THE BODY- a creative writing workshop with Eva Weaver- one day workshop 21st of May and 4-week course from 20th of April

‘Write your self. Your body must be heard.’ Helen Cixous

Our bodies hold stories and memories- everything we have ever experienced, thought or felt lives in our blood, our bones, muscles, cells, our very DNA. But how do we write from the body?

How do we tap into the rich ground that is our body for inspiration and authentic, original writing?

How can we write from our whole body not only from our brain?

In this workshop we will consciously tune into our bodies, using movement, breathwork, stretching, yoga and sensing exercises to cultivate embodied writing. We will listen deeply to the stories our bodies hold, move effortlessly between movement and the page and back.

We will play with automatic/ stream of consciousness writing, prompts and themed writing.

No experience in creative writing, movement or dance necessary, only a willingness to experiment. You are not required to participate in all the exercises if for whatever reason you are finding any exercises difficult. You chose your level of engagement and are welcome as you are.

For enquiries and bookings 07757747027

cost: £80, some concessions

Reclaim the Joy of your Sexuality-

a therapeutic group exploring sex & sexuality through art making and group sharing

Sexuality is our birthright- but many people feel disconnected from their sexuality. Reasons for this can range from trauma to lack of confidence or opportunity, physical pain, depression, recovery from illness, body shame or dysphoria, etc.

Many people have difficulties finding opportunities to talk openly about sex or obstacles related to sex and the theme often goes under-explored even in counselling and therapy.

This small group offers a safe and confidential space to explore your relationship with sex and sexuality through creative media such as paints, drawing, collage and clay and group discussion.

Working in a group can help lessen isolation and foster a sense of belonging and hope. Group members can function as supportive mirrors for each other, reflecting different aspects and facets of one another and pooling ideas, resources and finding creative ways of addressing obstacles. Through group discussion we can explore meaning and symbolism that might arise in the images.

Creating/ art making allows you to express yourself beyond words, discover more about yourself, your desires, obstacles, values and boundaries. Often our creations give us hints and directions about how to progress on the journey back to sex and to reclaim the joy of our sexuality.

Some exercises are themed, while at other times your are encouraged to express and create whatever arises in the moment.

No experience of art-making necessary, only a willingness to engage with art material and openness to engage in the process.

The group takes place in a beautiful studio in Saltdean-

Tuesday evenings 6.45-9.15pm for 6 weeks from autumn

If you are interested please get in touch to find out more

Cost:  £210  including all materials and refreshments; 

For more info:


m: 07757747027