about me
I believe passionately in sexuality and creativity as our birthright and to support people to feel more empowered and alive lies at the core of all my work. 

The journey ‘Back to Sex’- facing fears and exploring new ways of being and relating- takes courage and can make us feel quite vulnerable at times. I know this well from my own journey back to sex after long periods when I felt dis-connected from pleasure, my 
body and my sexuality. 
I also feel that it can be such a worthwhile journey to take! 
Reclaiming pleasure and the joy of my sexuality has been the most transformational experience of my life.

Over the years I have worked and trained with many excellent teachers in the field of self-development, conscious sexuality, tantra, conscious kink and creativity-

all of which helped me to move beyond stuckness, shame, guilt and other obstacles, allowed me to expand my pleasure and connect deeply with my erotic life and sexuality as a source of joy.

I would be honoured to share these tools with you and support you to get to know yourself again, or for the first time, as the gorgeous erotic, sexual being you are.

I do not see myself as an ‘expert’ who has all the answers, but rather as someone who meets you where you are and collaborates with you in finding the right tools to help you move beyond any stumbling blocks to pleasure and a fulfilled sexuality.

I believe creativity, permission and humour are essential ingredients on this journey and I love bringing all of myself, my life experience and wisdom from my own healing journey to my work.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your unique journey back to sex!

If you would like to find out more and book a free 20 min Skype session, please contact me on evaweaver@talk21.com or  07757747027

I look forward to connecting with you!

  ‘The more whole we are as sexual beings,

the more fulfilled we are as human beings.’ Amy Jo Goddard

photo: Gerald von Foris