Creativity & Sex

Creative tools- be it painting, drawing, collage or writing- have been crucial in my own journey of reclaiming my sexuality.

When we create we might tap into playful parts of ourselves, which in turn might help us approach talking about sex and engaging with our sexuality in a freer, more playful way.

Also, learning to be less precious about the outcome of our creating and valuing the process, the sheer

joy in ‘making stuff’, might help us in how we approach sex.

Creating allows us to express our feelings in a direct, visceral way- even and especially when it is difficult to put emotions into words.

Our creations can become mirrors for us; we can see parts of ourselves: parts that we might have suppressed, parts that need attention and healing, parts that show us our strength, beauty and power. Below are some offerings:

Reclaim the Joy of your Sexuality-

explore Sex and Sexuality through art-making and group sharing


Brighton/Saltdean, the Cabin

Four mornings and/ or evenings starting in autumn 2017

Sexuality is our birthright- but many people feel disconnected from their sexuality. Reasons for this can range from trauma to lack of confidence or opportunity, physical pain, depression, recovery from illness, body shame or dysphoria, etc.

Many people have difficulties finding opportunities to talk openly about sex or obstacles related to sex and the theme often goes under-explored even in counselling and therapy.

This small group offers a safe and confidential space to explore your relationship with sex and sexuality through creative media such as paints, drawing, collage and clay and group discussion.

Working in a group can help lessen isolation and foster a sense of belonging and hope. Group members can function as supportive mirrors for each other, reflecting different aspects and facets of one another and pooling ideas, resources and finding creative ways of addressing obstacles. Through group discussion we can explore meaning and symbolism that might arise in the images.

Creating/ art making allows you to express yourself beyond words, discover more about yourself, your desires, obstacles, values and boundaries. Often our creations give us hints and directions about how to progress on the journey back to sex and to reclaim the joy of our sexuality.

Some exercises are themed, while at other times your are encouraged to express and create whatever arises in the moment.

No experience of art-making necessary, only a willingness to engage with art material and openness to engage in the process.

The group takes place in a beautiful studio in Saltdean-

please get in touch to find out more


m: 07757747027

Creativity is ultimately sexual. Deepak Chopra

WRITING FROM THE BODY- a creative writing workshop with Eva Weaver- one day workshop 8th of October 2017, Synchronicity Centre London

‘Write your self. Your body must be heard.’ Helen Cixous

Our bodies hold stories and memories- everything we have ever experienced, thought or felt lives in our blood, our bones, muscles, cells, our very DNA. But how do we write from the body?

How do we tap into the rich ground that is our body for inspiration and authentic, original writing?

How can we write from our whole body not only from our brain?

In this workshop we will consciously tune into our bodies, using movement, breathwork, stretching, yoga and sensing exercises to cultivate embodied writing. We will listen deeply to the stories our bodies hold, move effortlessly between movement and the page and back.

We will play with automatic/ stream of consciousness writing, prompts and themed writing.

No experience in creative writing, movement or dance necessary, only a willingness to experiment. You are not required to participate in all the exercises if for whatever reason you are finding any exercises difficult. You chose your level of engagement and are welcome as you are.

For enquiries and bookings 07757747027

cost: £85, some concessions

If sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities, it’s because they lead to the knowledge that you own your own body-and with it your own voice- and that’s the most revolutionary insight of all.’ Erica Jong