RITES OF PASSAGE & transformational Rituals

‘Ritual and ceremony in their due times kept the world under the sky and the stars in their

courses. It was astonishing what ritual and ceremony could do.’  Terry Prachett

There are times in life when we find ourselves in deep transition.

The old life, or aspects of it, might be unravelling and dissolving, the ground is shifting and we feel disoriented and anxious.

Such times are potent- as we are standing in a liminal, in-between space, on a threshold, opportunities arise to create powerful changes: to shed what no longer serves us, to call in a vision for the future and take first brave steps towards our new dreams.

Also on our individual journeys ‘back to sex’, to reclaim our sexuality, we might encounter such potent threshold times.

Maybe we need to let go of an old relationship form that no longer serves us.

Or we want to honour our past selves and lovingly move on from patterns that have kept us small in our sexual and erotic lives.

Often called ‘Rites of Passage’, Rituals and Ceremonies created around such times can be wonderful ways to mark a transition from one phase of life into another.

It would be my joy and honour to help you create a powerful ritual for your own Rite of Passage.

Rituals could be for:

- cleansing, shedding & transformation (letting go of old limiting beliefs, marking the end of a relationship, recovery from illness, death of a loved one, releasing wounds from sexual abuse, menopause etc.);

- honouring the past and its teachings;

  1. -affirming, marking and blessing of a new phase of life;

  2. -ceremony to celebrate an achievement

- blessing and manifestation;

Your ritual could include elements such as: 

- creating a sacred space through bringing in objects that are meaningful to you, calling in the elements, ancestors if this resonates with you;

- setting a clear intention for your ritual;

- deciding on the best location and timing (the ritual can take place in my studio or in a space in nature);

- choosing tools that most speak to you and feel the most potent and appropriate for the purpose:

- Creative: painting, clay, collage, writing;

- Fire: a fire massage or fire ritual;

  1. -Shamanic Journeying and creating an object /talisman or image after the journey;

  2. - Conscious Kink tools such as:

- Impact Play for aliveness, catharsis and healing;

- Sacred Needle Ritual (temporary piercing) for deep transformation;

  1. -Rope and Bondage Ritual of surrender, release and transformation;

  2. -you might also chose some massage/ bodywork as part of the ritual;

We can be as creative as we like with your ritual!

If you’re interested in creating a Ritual for you, please get in touch via the page or email and we can have a free 20 min Skype to talk about your ideas, wishes

and intentions.

I look forward to hearing from you!




Surrendering to Fire means claiming our own Radiance.’

Judith Orlow

Fire is the most dynamic of all elements- it is magical, mesmerising and immensely transformative.

We might associate FIRE with aliveness, sexiness, passion, having ‘fire in the belly’ and with our sexual life force energy, ‘the serpentine fire’ as it is referred to in tantric teachings.

Or the myth of the Phoenix firebird and the power of regeneration and rebirth: the phoenix is consumed in the flames but rises again  from the ashes, born anew, transformed.

With a FIRE MASSAGE we can tap into the manyfold energies of fire.

The combination of sensual touch and the warmth and energy of the fire can allow you to drop deep into your erotic, sensual self. It can be relaxing, nourishing, healing, erotic, sensual, emotional, releasing, invigorating, or any combination of those.

A Fire Massage can be an experience by itself, or part of a transformative FIRE RITUAL in which you have an opportunity to release through the fire what no longer serves you and affirm what you would like to have more of in your life.

You might ask yourself: ‘What it is I want to IGNITE in my life?’ and ‘What do I need to let go of and burn away?’

If you are curious to experience a Fire Massage or to create a Fire Ritual,

please get in touch!

We can have a free chat about any questions you might have via Skype or phone, and I can send you also more detailed information.

I look forward to welcoming you!



‘Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provided the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and to be reborn.’

Alberto Villoldo

film still © K.Cresser

Fire Massage & Fire Ritual-
Wake your Erotic Fire and Feed your Soul


Play piercing (...) can focus your awareness down to the point of a needle or expand it to include the universe, the All. It’s a tool, an art, an undeniable source of immediate experience. When needles are involved, everything falls away. It’s you, your other(s), and the needle. The stage for alchemy is set.’  Deborah Addington

At times in my life when I felt I needed let go of something significant or call in and affirm a new energy, I have enlisted the help of needles: temporary piercings with hypodermic needles, which were set with a clear and powerful intention within a safe and sacred space.

Such needle rituals have been some my deepest transformative experiences and needles have now become a medicine which I love to include in rituals for others.

These powerful tools bring us fully into the now, demand that we whole-heartedly commit to our intentions and offer the gift of release, energetic shifts and transformation.

What happens during a needle ritual?

We will start by talking about your intention for this ritual and I will ask you some general health questions, explain the practicalities of the piercing and answer any questions you might have.

We will then create a safe and sacred space together.

During the ritual I use hypodermic needles to create temporary piercings - each needles is imbued with an intention and a blessing before it is set.

Sometimes to be pierced by a single needle can be the centre of the entire ritual, or you might want to be pierced in an elaborate pattern of needles  that symbolises your intention.

To allow someone to pierce you, is an act of great trust- I hold you in a very safe space during the ritual and also afterwards when there will be time to chat and ground.

Please contact me if you would like to talk about whether a needle ritual could be for you.

I am looking fwd to hearing from you!



Read on for some testimonies of needle rituals:

'The needle ritual' or the night I received snake medicine was a real initiation.

Eva embodied the snake priestess and thanks to her wisdom and guidance this ritual was one of the most powerful and deep experience I have had.

The space was beautiful and safely held, allowing me to surrender totally to the magic and the 'bite'. I felt a powerful elixir running through my heart and my whole body.

What a healing journey...what a gift !‘    Maeva Poornima, 36 sex therapist

The needle ritual was extremely powerful- we worked on the issue of money. We looked at thought patterns I had about money, ancestral patterns and how I still somehow held a vow of poverty in my work. 

I was beautiful how it was set up and I felt extremely held during the ritual. I felt so much love pouring from Eva’s hands and eyes and heart as she put the needles in my body with clear intention. It was so beautiful and I cried at times as the needles were going in- I had such a release.

We were also working with four words: golden, prosperity, money and beauty- this is what I want to call into my life. I felt on that day that something really shifted, that some shackles came off and I felt such a strong sense that life is going to change, that I am actually bringing this into my life now. I felt like a new story has been written.

Lots of magical things were falling into place shortly afterwards: I got offered work, I am doing more Tantra sessions and so much has shifted since then, I don’t feel worries about money, I don’t feel that weight on me anymore but know that things are transforming all the time. I deeply trust Eva as a facilitator and practitioner and am so grateful to her for this ritual.’  Bayari Lou Beegan

ROPE-BONDAGE- Surrender, Release, Transform

Used in a conscious and loving way, rope-play can empower intimacy,

healing and trust.

On my own journey of reconnecting with my sexuality, I have found rope-play/ bondage an incredibly healing and powerful tool to explore surrender, trust, safety and pleasure.

Rope can feel beautifully containing in a physical and psychological/emotional way. We can feel held by the actual rope and by the person who lovingly and with great care ties us and holds space for us.

It can also bring us deeply into the present moment and into connection with our bodies. 

Rope-play can be part of a ritual or explored on its own.

We begin a session by talking about any questions you might have, explore boundaries, intention(s) and what you would like to experience.

Maybe you want to know what it is like to be tied and feel held and contained, or you are curious to simply feel into the sensuality of the ropes as they glide slowly over your skin.

You might want to include the ropes in a healing ritual of release and transformation or experiment with surrendering consciously for a pre-negotiated time in a the safe space of the session.

Before any tying, we will prepare with gentle movement, breathing and sensing exercises so that you feel connected and preset in you body.

Throughout the session I will hold you with my undivided presence and loving attention and there will be time at the end for nurturing aftercare with grounding and check in.

If you would like to find out more or book a session,

please get in touch: