Fire Massage-

Wake your Erotic Fire and Feed your Soul

‘ (...) life itself means to separate and to be reunited, to change form and condition, to die and to be reborn. It is to act and to cease, to wait and rest, and then begin acting again but in a different way. And there are always new thresholds to cross: the thresholds of summer and winter, of a season or a year, of a month or a night; the threshold of birth, adolescence, maturity and old age; the threshold of death (...). Therefore to cross the threshold is to unite self with the new world.’  Arnold van Gennep


Surrendering to Fire means claiming our own Radiance.’

Judith Orlow

Fire is the most dynamic of all elements, it is magical, mesmerising and immensely transformative.

We all bring associations to FIRE: aliveness, sexiness, passion, having ‘fire in the belly’ , ‘being on fire’....or we might think of the myth of the phoenix firebird that connects fire with the power of regeneration and rebirth: the phoenix is consumed in the flames but rises again  from the ashes, born anew, transformed...

Of course often fire is used as a metaphor for passion and our sexual energy.

In Tantric teachings the Kundalini energy, our sexual life force energy is also called ‘the serpentine fire’.

With a FIRE MASSAGE we can tap into the manyfold energies of fire.

The combination of sensual touch and the warmth and energy of the fire can allow you to drop deep into your erotic, sensual self.

A Fire Massage can be relaxing, nourishing, pleasurable, healing, erotic, sensual, invigorating or any combination of those.

A session can be an experience where you feel touched and stroked by the fire- fire can support you with its warmth and energy in awakening your erotic energy and /or simply nourish a sense of aliveness and wellbeing.

A Fire Massage can be many things:

an experience by itself, part of a massage or we can set up a a transformative

fire ritual in which you have an opportunity to release through the fire what no longer serves you and affirm and celebrate what you would like to have more of in your life.

You might ask yourself what it is you want to IGNITE in your life? And what you need to let go and burn away?

Judith Orlow says: ‘surrendering to fire means claiming our own radiance; ’ I want to also add: surrendering to fire means expanding our sense of eroticism, pleasure and bliss!

About the sessions:

A Fire Massage session usually lasts 2 hours.

We will first have a chat  about what you would like from the session, what your connection is with fire and talk about any questions or concerns you might have.

Everybody is different in how they experience a fire massage; we all have different sensitivities; you might want to only experience the fire sticks at a distance from the skin radiating a gentle warmth or feel the fire directly, the flame dancing on your skin, or a flame gently blown over your skin.

In any case the fire massage is done safely and I will always check in with you all the way through.

At the beginning of the session we can set an intention for your massage if you like-

this can be for healing, pleasure, clearing, honouring, joy, aliveness, acknowledging of your sexuality or anything else.

I am in service to you and your experience in this process and I am guided by you.

A fire massage can be an exquisite, magical and emotional experience. Sometimes deep emotions can emerge and be released- all feelings are welcome in the session.

Allow yourself to relax as deeply as possible into the experience

and let yourself be surprised.

There will be some time at the end of the session to chat and ground.

If you are curious to experience a FIRE MASSAGE,

please get in touch!

I look forward to welcoming you!




‘Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provided the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and to be reborn.’

Alberto Villoldo

film still © K.Cresser