The Cuddle Cabin & 
one to one Cuddle Sessions

Come for a Cuddle!

Sometimes we just want a good cuddle! We crave a strong long hug, an all enveloping embrace, some gentle or firm touch or a cuddle puddle we can melt into. Hugs and cuddles are great for our wellbeing; they can foster a sense of belonging and help us feel nourished, safe, calm, protected, connected and appreciated- or like a participant said about what great cuddles mean to them: ‘my heart is soothed and opening, I am calm and for a moment I know peace.

On a physiological level our bodies release oxytocin, a hormone that has many effects- it calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, decreases cortisol levels, helps faster wound healing, can reduce anxiety and create a sense of calm and connectedness- hence it often is referred to as the ‘bonding hormone’.

Many of us feel at times starved of touch, hugs and cuddles- but we might fear that if we ask for touch, cuddles or hugs we are seen as automatically consenting to being open for ‘more’ , as in our society touch and cuddling is so often associated with sex. So, if we don’t want to be sexual or share erotic energy where do we go?

The afternoon is an invitation to experience just that: safe connection, conscious consensual touch and cuddles free from any sexual agenda.

‘The Cuddle Cabin’ is loosely inspired by the structure of ‘Cuddle Parties’.

Before the cuddle part of the afternoon you will learn to negotiate connections with others and express your wishes and boundaries through playful exercises: you learn to feel into and honour your ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ and your right to ‘change your mind’ and the importance of always being in choice. Plus some fun ice-breakers and getting to know your fellow cuddlers.

The rules in place during the afternoon are there to make everyone safe and to support trust, intimacy and connection:

- clothes stay on (no nudity);

- no sex (and we'll create more clarity around this on the afternoon);

- when sexual feelings arise there is an agreement not to act on them;

- enjoy and have fun!

You are very welcome to bring your pyjamas or any comfy clothes.

we’ll provide refreshments

cost: £20, some concessions

'The Cuddle Cabin' is open to all genders, sexual orientations, sizes, backgrounds and (adult) ages.

We meet in our cosy cabin studio in Saltdean.

Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Full address is given when you book.

To book and for any questions please contact us:


'The cuddle cabin was a very safe space in a uniquely beautiful, nurturing environment. The boundaries were very clear which allowed me to fully appreciate and explore this safe and nurturing experience. I came away feeling deeply connected, warm, held and very peaceful. I would recommend the experience to everyone.'


‘I had a great time at the Cuddle Cabin and would love to do it again.- thank you for making it so brilliant, fun and such a safe environment.

I felt so relaxed afterwards.‘  Joe

The Cuddle Cabin was a wonderful experience of how powerful gentle consensual touch can be. I gave and received so much warmth in such a cosy environment, I whole heartedly recommend it’ Manuela



Sessions are clothed and offer nourishing, conscious non-sexual touch, holding and cuddles.

The cuddle sessions take place in our beautiful studio near Brighton.

When we meet we discuss the agreements of the session over tea and establish the pace and preferences that best suit you. The same rules as during the cuddle cabin apply for the one to one sessions.

I embrace clients of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, body types and abilities.

If you are interested to come for an individual cuddle session, please email me and we can have a brief free skype or phone chat.

Sessions are £80/hour

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