Come and breathe!

Experience the power of Breath

to ignite and nourish your erotic self through Rebirthing Breathwork and/or

Breath-and Energy-Orgasm- Experience!

There is no life without breath-

the more we breathe, the more life force and energy we take in.

Conscious breathing has been used for centuries by people from many different cultures for healing , to increase wellbeing and to alter consciousness.

It is a very powerful way to shift ordinary reality, to give power to our intentions and to increase energy and clarity. In a breathwork session or on a workshop day you will learn conscious breathing techniques to help you breathe through and dissolve obstacles or blocks, and increase wellbeing, energy and aliveness.

After a breathing process you will have the opportunity to talk about your experience  and choose a creative media, such as  drawing or writing to express yourself from this empowered place

Sessions are held in our  beautiful Saltdean Cabin and last for 2 hour minimum.

To enquire or book please email  or call