Rebirthing Breathwork &

Firebreath/ Breath-and Energy-Orgasm

Experience the power of Breath

to Ignite and Nourish your Erotic Self !

There is no life without breath- the more we breathe, the more life force and energy we take in and create.
Conscious breathing has been used for centuries by people from many different cultures for healing, wellbeing and transformation.

It is a very powerful way to to increase energy and clarity, release tension and emotions and give power to our intentions.

In a breathwork session (Rebirthing) you will learn simple conscious breathing techniques, such as conscious connected breathing to help you breathe through and dissolve blocks and increase wellbeing, energy and aliveness.

Breathwork, to a larger or lesser extent, is part of any bodywork session.

I can teach you breathwork techniques to feel more alive and invigorated (up-regulating), or to down-regulate and calm the nervous system.

I can also teach you the Firebreath Orgasm experience, a breathing technique and meditation that creates erotic energy and an embodied erotic experience.

After a breathing process you will have the opportunity to talk about your experience and, if you like, take some time to free-write or make a drawing from this transformed and empowered place.

Sessions are held in our  beautiful Saltdean cabin and last for 2 hour minimum.

To enquire or book please email  or call  07757747027


‘I found the rebirthing breathwork very moving & effective for me. I particularly appreciated the safe space that was created for this exploration.’  Chris

‘Breathwork is a powerful experience and I felt safe and comfortable to allow myself to enjoy it.’

‘There is a way of breathing

A love’s breath

That opens ones soul to infinity.’