Back to Sex’ is for anyone who feels disconnected from their sexuality.

No matter how long you've felt that way, if you want to reclaim your erotic expression and are committed to embarking on a deep journey of self enquiry,  ‘Back to Sex’ is for you. 

  1. Are you starved for touch or does being touched make you feel uncomfortable?  

  2. Do you find it difficult to ask for what you want sexually? 

  3. Do you find yourself trapped in a non-sexual relationship?

  4.  Is it challenging for you to imagine yourself as an erotic, sexual being?

  5. Do you find it hard to accept and love your body?

  6. Do you struggle with body shame, low confidence or feelings of shame or guilt around sex?

  7. Have you encountered circumstances that made you close down sexually? Are you unsure how to re-connect with your sexuality? 

If any of these questions resonate with you, ‘Back to Sex’ might be for you!

Even if you feel hopeless, dis-connected or even broken, I believe there is always a way forward. It takes courage to look at stumbling blocks to pleasure and a fulfilled sexuality, but no difficulty or obstacle is insurmountable.

‘Back to Sex’ can offer solutions in many different situations:

... help you re-connect with your sexuality and erotic self after illness,

     sexual- or other trauma, bereavement, incompatibility with sexual

... help you regain sexual confidence after big life changes such as
    menopause, death of a partner, relationship break-up, change in sexual
    orientation and others circumstances;

... help you uncover limiting beliefs so you can get to know yourself (again)
     as the gorgeous erotic, sexual being you are;

... help you reclaim your authentic sexual voice, own your desires and needs
     and take committed steps to get them met.

Sex is important, our birthright and our most powerful life force !

I invite you to embark on your journey BACK to SEX! 

I work with people of all genders, sizes, backgrounds, sexual orientations, alternative life& relationship styles & (adult) ages.

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